"dynamic forces in the creative world of luxury furniture and interior design"

Our story begins with Knightsbridge. It involves a Zimbabwean man with a Russian name, who landed on British Shores over two decades ago and instantly fell in love with everything quintessentially British. Each furniture piece is an elegant reflection of the comfort and elegance Sasha Jameson discovered in British culture, humour, heritage and the luxury homes of London, particularly the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. “When I arrived in Knightsbridge on the 8th of October, I was welcomed by this deep sense of elegance, luxury and diversity. One of the first residents I met spoke to me proudly about his children, his wife and the legacy he’d built for them. It left me with this phenomenal feeling of the love of family and as I settled in Knightsbridge, I was struck by its grand display of supercars, sartorial elegance and iconic Victorian/Georgian architecture. I was deeply inspired.” Rooted in British culture, the love of family, travel, fashion, innovation and exploration has become the key elements we channel in every furniture piece and interior design project at Sasha Jameson Luxury Homes.

Over the years, our gifted team has been trusted to decorate homes in this district and around the world for our discerning clients. You can find our furniture pieces in some of the most iconic private homes, hotels and yachts. Though rooted in British Culture, our distinct furniture pieces reflect the different definitions of luxury around the world whilst our interior design team captures our client’s vision, channelling their personal taste in every design.


SJ-Interiors by Sasha Jameson is the place to discover distinct luxury furniture pieces and accessories that revolutionize any part of the home. The online boutique presents a wide range of traditional and mid century modern furniture curated by leading luxury interior designers, helping you create a home filled with elegance and ambience. Our premium collection features luxury in modest prices whilst our platinum collection provides high end furniture pieces with the option to create bespoke items for homes of different sizes and shapes.

We are based in Knightsbridge (London) although we deliver furniture and interior design services internationally.